Men's Mental Health

Sometimes men adhere to a relatively strict “man code” which values strength, toughness, and immunity to emotional pain.  They are not often taught to express certain emotions, such as fear, sensitivity, or dependence.  Some men fear expressing these emotions because they do not want to be perceived as less masculine.  This could lead to feelings of shame, isolation, low self-confidence, and difficulties with establishing and/or maintaining close and gratifying relationships.

As a male therapist I strive to create a setting where men can feel free to exhibit their true selves, develop a sense of acceptance, and begin to create positive changes. I have extensive experience in working with boys, teens, and men in various settings in the context of individual, group, and psychological assessment. 

Common Issues
  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Suicide

  • Addiction

  • Body Image Issues

  • Identity Issues

  • Relationship Communication Difficulties

  • Co-parenting Problems

  • Divorce/Separation

  • Sexuality/Masculinity

  • Fertility and Fatherhood

  • Anger/Hostility

  • Abuse/Trauma

  • Drug Alcohol Use

  • Family/Marital Problems

  • Violence

Group Therapy

A number of personal concerns/difficulties experienced by people seem to originate in unresolved difficulties in relationships.  Often this can lead to problems in establishing and/or maintaining close and gratifying relationships with others. Since relationships are such a crucial and fundamental part of our existence, a therapeutic setting which provides a safe and appropriate opportunity to explore our concerns and manner of behavior in relationships can often be extremely beneficial.  While this process may not always be easy, it is crucial.  If you allow yourself the experience of understanding and working out your relationships with members in the group, then you can expect that it will be carried over into your personal relationships.

Group for Men of Color

Barbershops often serve as a place where men of color can get a haircut and have “talk therapy” at the same time. For some, it can be easier to discuss personal matters in a barber’s chair than a therapist’s couch.  However, if you are looking for a safe, professional, and therapeutic environment, group psychotherapy might be for you.


The purpose of the Men of Color Psychotherapy Group is to provide a safe, intense, and personal experience to further explore and clarify concerns that are important to their unique experiences.  The format includes a combination of psychotherapy and psycho-education.


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